My name is James McCollom and this is my personal homepage.

I come from a large town called Warrington, on the Mersey plain half-way between the two large cities in north-west England, namely Liverpool and Manchester. I currently live in the southern suburbs of the latter. When the two cities merge into one large, sprawling mess, I plan to lobby for it to be called Greater Warrington.

I work for an IT company that specialises in web-based software for recruitment. I help develop new products and provide support for existing ones.

The domain name virtualnostril.co.uk was born one Wednesday afternoon in 1999 after borrowing a digital camera for the afternoon. My self-portrait was not a complete success. I have failed to come up with a better brand.


Cheese; marmite; unconventional time signatures; unorthodox conversations; tea; swiss roll; cool bedlinen; dew-splattered legs; well-executed parody; surreality; industrial archaeology; real ale; sloe gin.


Sprouts; naughty children; roadspace-inefficient vehicles; fucking careless profanities; labelled politics; vodka culture; other people's code; inaccuracies; wet crockery.