oh dear, it's... europop!

What is europop?

Europop was founded back in the mists of (internet) time as a mailing list concerning a band called The Divine Comedy [tdc], when there was no such thing as a band website. Originally located on the Analysis of Large and Complex Data-sets [or ALCD for short] server at Southampton University, our old home was turned off back in 2000, since when europop has existed as the premier tdc Yahoo! Group on the interweb. Subsequent developments have seen off-shoot groups develop such as epopfooty, a place where certain 'epoppers' can talk about football without fear of retribution from those epoppers not quite so enamoured with the so-called beautiful game.

The collective term for epoppers is an indecision, based on the habitual inability for the average 'popper to make up their mind. At least as far as arranging meet-ups is concerned. I think. Despite this natural aversion to organisation, meet-ups do take place. They usually involve at least one of the following constants: music, film, food, drink, chocolate, coathangers.